The Green EP

by Toofer

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    yeah that's right there's a hidden bonus track I wonder what it could be




This is a concept album about the green stuff.


released June 20, 2013

Batman: vocals/lyrics
Robin: guitar/music
Catwoman: bass/vocals/lyrics/music
The Riddler: drums/music



all rights reserved


Toofer Salem, Oregon

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Track Name: Weed Smokin' Wizard
pounds of green
ready for my dream
follow one rule
the wizard's first rule

weed smoking wizard
burning through the night

back now he'll bitch ya
fight for free I dare ya
back now he'll hit ya
fight for free I dare ya

face my foe
walk to go
hold my staff
all wizards know

pounds of green
rolling for my dream
follow same rule
the wizard's first rule

grams of green
now who's in the dream
one fucking rule
only one rule

that weed smoking wizard
fuck you through the night
Track Name: Weed Smokin' Green Man
hide all the smoke
'cause you know the green man's coming
he'll take what he can get and more
if you let him

the green man has the soul of the devil
and he doesn't care what the fuck you think
he'll dig your grave with a bullet now

so much smoke, can you see him?
burning weed, is it useless?
you would know
Track Name: Weed Smokin' Super Mario
got my sack it's filled with green
super pipe plus super speed (weed)
burn it faster burn the track
up that high bowser's attack

attack through trees

billowed smoke and racing on
took the lead to the start
buy it up while it's still cheaper
out of season out of reach
Track Name: Weed Smokin' Astronaut
smoking weed on the launch pad
basically floating
here I come you black mass
shining pins prick me
as I go out in space

out in space there are no rules
just weed smoking

now I'm here what do I do
smoke myself into you
pass the time light the pipe
begin the phase or ignite
into happy days that will come

barreling towards the moon
how the hell am I supposed to land this thing

shit holy shit man holy shit dude how the hell what the hell holy shit man we're on the moon